Ice & Dust Control

Need to knock that dust out of the air, or are you slip sliding away? We can assist you with those issues!

With our chloride/salt truck we can offer dust control for driveways, roads, parking lots, riding and show arenas, or anywhere you need to get rid of the dust! Chloride is also ideal for farms during the busy season.

Miller Brothers Excavating

Let us give your dust control the "Miller Brothers Advantage"

What's the Miller Brothers Advantage? Our pressurized system gives you even and consistent coverage throughout the selected area. Commonly used gravity systems give uneven coverage as tank levels lower and product movement occurs in the tank. Our pressurized system truly gives you an ADVANTAGE in your dust control needs. It's a job we're proud to stand behind and put our name on!

We specialize in, but not limited to:

  • Driveways - Residential, Commercial and Farm
  • Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Equestrian and Livestock Arenas
  • Bicycle and Walking Trails
  • We have a Semi-Tanker with Pump available for bulk sales

Call us now to book your dust control application for Graduation Open Houses, Summer Outdoor Weddings, and Family Reunions.


Winter Ice Control also available!

Customers who have used our dust control application:

Lemi the dust dog says thanks to Berlyn Acres Dairy for the business, your driveways are on point to start chopping corn!! Have a safe and successful harvest!

Thanks again to Wieber Lumber for once again having Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. keep there business and surrounding neighborhood dust free!

A huge Thank You to our Municipal partners in the Village of Elsie and City of St Johns for choosing Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. to keep your local roads and parks dust free!

Crestview Farms has been with us from the start, Thank You again for your continued business! (Before & After)

Thank you Crest View Farms in Mason for your business! Your horses and riders will breathe easier after the dust control application to your indoor arena!

Thank you Landscape Development in DeWitt for choosing Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. for your dust control needs! You have an amazing and beautiful business!

Thank you to the Bancroft's in St. Johns for allowing Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. to chloride your driveway!

Thank you Woodhull Construction for choosing Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. for your dust control needs!

What a great opportunity it was to chloride a beautiful drive and property. Thanks to Jack Sanborn for trusting Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. Dust Control to keep their drive in perfect condition!

Another satisfied customer who decided to go dustless this summer! Chloride applications not only keep the dust down, but it helps bind the gravel together and eliminate potholes!

Keep your riding arenas safe and enjoyable for you and your livestock. Let Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. apply livestock safe calcium chloride today!

At MBE we are always willing to try new opportunities, such as helping our friends in agriculture. Thank you Berlyn Acres for choosing Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. to fill your tractor tires!

MBE Retail Yard - No job is too big or too small for Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc. Dust Control! We specialize in heavy traffic parking lots and drives!